What does Budokai Card Club mean for players?

Budokai Card Club is a community service for players and supporters of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. Register with Budokai Card Club and follow the steps to become a judge, and you can host your own tournaments, help run large ones, and generally contribute to making the Dragon Ball Super Card Game even more exciting. Join the Budokai Card Club and help us make the Dragon Ball Super Card game better than ever!

  • *This is provided by Carddass Club.
    (Carddass Club is operated by BANDAI.)
  • *Only available in the contiguous U.S. and Europe
What Judge can do.
  • ・Host your own BCC tournaments!
  • ・Become a judge at large tournaments!

Judges also get access to exclusive card packs!

Judge pack vol.1 Judge pack vol.2 Judge pack vol.3

*1 pack includes 1 alternative holographic card.

Budokai Card Club for Users scheduled to open in November, along with an online exam for judges!

How to Become a DBSCG Judge

Take online exam to become a judge.

Study up for the judge exams, become Judge-certified, and get ready for a new year of excitement!!

For All DBS Judges

If you decide to contact them, you need something to prove you are a Judge. So please prepare something in advance, like a screenshot of the Judge Page showing you are an official judge. Even if someone who is NOT an official judge contacts an organizer, that person will not be able to judge organized play events.

Tournamentcenter :

Asmodee UK :


The Level 1 Judge Exam will be closing temporarily on March 15th.
We will announce when the exam re-opens on the BCC for players and the official website.

FOR Carddass Club Corp.  Member.

Judges will be able to hold a casual tournament in your stores!!

Players become Judges through BCC for Players and apply you to hold casual tournaments in Carddass Club Corp. Stores.
Please apply to be a Judge Supporting Store from “Change Information” on Carddass Club.