Here is the Available Cards in Tournaments.

Tournament/Organized Event[Let’s Play Games Presents] Draft Tournament

This is held at stores!

About [Let’s Play Games Presents] Draft Tournament

Booster Pack 01 & 02

Split into groups of 4 players, give everyone 3 packs each of
Booster Pack 01 & 02 from Draft Box 01, and you're good to go!

Once everyone's ready, let the draft begin!

Check out the game manual here!

For Retailers

Please prepared for the required number of DRATT BOX 01 with Let’s Play Games

Tournament Participation Prizes

official Tournament pack Vol.01

official Tournament pack Vol.02

Each card has a special version!

Top Prize

Each 5 packs!!

Please check the details at your local stores.

*We seek your understanding that the prizes might change without notice.

[Let’s Play Games Presents] Draft Tournament Locations
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • *For details on [Let’s Play Games Presents] Draft Tournament, consult the staff of your local store.