Recruiting DBS Lv.2 Judges (2nd round)

Thank you for your continuous support of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.
The level 2 judge exam will be accepting more applicants!

1.DBS Lv.2 Judges

We have decided to recruit DBS Lv.2 JUDGEs in order to manage larger tournaments. DBS Lv.2 JUDGES will be selected from current DBS JUDGEs upon the fulfillment of certain criteria.
Please check the info below for details on the requirements and application schedule.

[DBS Lv.2 JUDGE Requirements]
  • ・A judge who is able to assume a central role of major tournament management, with rich experience in the management of such tournaments.
  • ・A judge who shows strong leadership and is able to give directions to other DBS JUDGEs.
  • ・A judge with precise knowledge of DBSCG rules who can correctly judge disputes and give proper explanations for their judgements.

The 3 conditions above are mandatory requirements.
Applicants will be subject to the process below in order to judge whether or not they fulfill the 3 requirements,

①Recruiting DBS Lv.2 Judges(2nd round)

We will look over the number of participants/tournament contents and judge whether or not the applicant fulfills the criteria in a general fashion.
Note that application for the tournaments ends June 30th and the tournaments themselves can be held any time between August 1st - 31st 2018

②Pass the DBS Lv.2 JUDGE test (September, 2018)

Applicants who passed procedure ① will be able to take the DBS Lv.2 JUDGE test (September, 2018)
Applicants must achieve a score equal to or higher than the passing mark to move on the final procedure.

③Interview (September)

Applicants who passed procedure 2 may participate in an interview at a location of our choice.
Applicants who pass the interview will become DBS Lv.2 JUDGEs.

[DBS Lv.2 JUDGE Selection Schedule]

*The schedule below is an estimate, details may change.

June 30th, 2018
JUDGE Presents BCC vol.5 and
Demo Play (August) application deadline
August 1st, 2018 to August 31st, 2018
JUDGE Presents BCC vol.5 and
Demo Play (August)
September 3rd, 2018
JUDGE Presents BCC vol.5 & BCC Demo Play (August)
report submission deadline *Any reports submitted later than September 3rd will not be Subject to DBS Lv.2 JUDGE evaluation.
September, 2018 (Planned)
Message sent out to applicants who are qualified to take the DBS Lv.2 JUDGE Test
September, 2018(Planned)
DBS Lv.2 JUDGE Test *The test is planned to be an online test.
September, 2018 (Planned)
Announcement of applicants who passed the DBS Lv.2 JUDGE Test
September, 2018 (Planned)
Interview of applicants who passed the DBS Lv.2 Judge Test

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