The Budokai Card Club (BCC) is for players. It is where we at Bandai help support the players of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game participate in tournaments and such.

Things You Can Do In BCC:

  • 1) Take Judge Exams
  • 2) Hold Judge Sponsored Tournaments
  • 3) Download Official Decklists
  • *These are only examples.
  • *These are provided by the Carddass Club.
    (which is operated by Bandai)
First, you should register!

BUDOKAI CARD CLUB for players is now on available!!

  • ・Download Official Decklists
  • ・Take the Level 1 Judge Exam
  • ・Get a BCC ID
    (In order to participate in large-scale tournaments, like Regionals and National Championships, you may be required to present your Personal Identification [BCC ID].)
  • ・Hold Regular Tournaments
  • - Judge Sponsored BCC Battles
  • - Judge Sponsored Demo Day
  • * Note: Tournaments are to be held only at BCC Registered Stores
  • ・ Take the Level 2 Judge Exam
Level 1 Judges Can
  • * Hold Judge Sponsored BCC Cup vents
  • - Do administrative duties in large-scale events (like Regionals and National Championships)
  • - For more content for Level 2 Judges, check the BCC For Players website!
Level 2 Judges Can

The info of BCC CUP will be uploaded soon.

Level 2 Judge Exam

With the BCC For Players website, we hope to make DBSCG even more exciting!

Player BCC is here !!