The health and well-being of our gaming community, including players, judges, stores and organizers, is of paramount importance to us. After extensive discussions with event organizers and careful review of the advice provided by national health authorities, as well as guidance provided by the World Health Organization, all Dragon Ball Super Card Game organized play events through June 30th, 2020, throughout all distributed territories with the exclusion of Asia have been postponed or cancelled. This includes all Regional Championship, Store Championship and store events. We will continue to monitor reports from around the globe and extend the date of this period if necessary to protect the health and safety of our playing community. Mandatory reporting requirements for stores will be relaxed during this period. Stores are encouraged to continue registering for events to ensure ongoing support. While stores are independent of Bandai, organizers of store events should act in the best interest of their community and be mindful of the safety of players. We appreciate their ongoing support.

Announcement Trailers

UNISON WARRIOR SERIES Trailer -Upcoming Products-


Important Notice !!
The Dragon Ball Super Card Game has different release dates depending on country and region.
The Themed booster is releasing in August in Europe, while series 4 is planned for release between September and October.
In these regions, only product released from official Bandai distributors is authorized for use in tournaments.
Bandai and our official distributors take no responsibility for product obtained before the official European release date via parallel import and other means, and there will be no product or organized play support offered for such product.
We will take every effort going forward to ensure that the same products are released at the same time across regions.
We ask for your cooperation in acquiring product through official means only.