Tournament/Organized EventDESTROYER KINGS Pre-release Sealed Tournament

Tournament Participation Prizes

Series 6 Pre-release Pack ×1

Players who purchase Series 6 booster box get an additional Series 6 Pre-Release Pack as a bonus!!

*Players are only allowed to purchase up to one booster box.

Every participant gets one!

Top Prize

Card Sleeve×1

Please check the details at your local stores.

*We seek your understanding that the prizes might change without notice.


March 8 – March 10, 2019

Sealed Tournament Rules

How to join:
Get 2 Series 6 Special Pack Sets (DBS-SP06) from the store, build a deck with the cards you open, and play!
Everyone who joins the tournament gets 1 Series 6 Pre-release Pack.

What you need to build a deck:
  • *Players can’t use any cards they already own and are advised to get Special Pack sets from the store on the day of the tournament.
  • *Series 6 Pre-release Pack can be used at this tournament.

DESTROYER KINGS Pre-release Sealed Tournament

DESTROYER KINGS Pre-release Sealed Tournament Locations
  • Singapore
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Hong Kong
  • *For details, consult the staff of your local store.