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Dragon Ball Super Card Game CHAMPIONSHIP 2020

2020 Organized Play Championship Series

The 2020 Organized Play season will see competitive play ascend to even greater heights! In 2020, the mightiest player in the world will be uncovered through a series of amazing events that will be held all over the globe!

Starting in December with Store Championship events for Malicious Machinations (Series 8), players will compete at local level to earn powerful advantages at Regional Championship events!

* Events may differ by country or region.

The Regional Championship will begin from January 2020. In North America, players will compete for invitations to the Final Championship! In other regions, players will compete for a 1 Round Bye at their Final Championship events.

2020 Organized Play

At the Final Championships in each region, players will compete for the right to be the first representatives on the World Stage! The stage is set for some amazing rivalries to develop!


Will you be the one to raise the World Championship belt for the first time, surpassing Hercules’ achievements?

Don’t delay! Race into your local game store today and make sure they’re registered to host Dragon Ball Super Card Game events in 2020. Train hard, play well, and show us your best!


* Events may differ by country or region.