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Exhibition EventDBSCG Facebook Follow Promotion!

The Promotion is over.

We're holding a follower promotion for the Official DBSCG Facebook page!
Depending on the amount of follows the page gets, we plan on giving away all kinds of awesome prizes! So make sure to participate!

All of the prizes are new designs!

52,000:Sleeves x1
55,000:Deck Case x1
60,000:Large Storage Box x1


Giveaway Location
Celebration Events
  • * Supplies are limited, so in the event that there aren't enough prizes, we may do a lottery for them.
  • * We will only be counting Follow amounts until the day before the Celebration events.

If you aren't following the page, please go follow it!
And if you already are,
make sure to tell your friends to follow as well!

Follow the DBSCG Facebook Page Now!

  • * These prizes will eventually be distributed at store tournaments as well.
    Details for that will be announced soon, so please be patient.
  • * The details of this promotion may change without any announcement.