Here are the Available Cards in Tournaments.

Exhibition EventGAMA Special Offers

The event is over.
Thank you for your attendance!

Our official distributor will be offering the following specials for all retailers attending GAMA 2019.

GTS Distribution

Stop by the GTS booth to pick up a special Dragon Ball Super storage box filled with a few product samples inside.

Super storage box

Are you a new store wanting to stock Dragon Ball Super ?
GTS has something special for any retailer looking to bring DBS in-store to decorate their stores and announce DBS is available

and more!

GAMA Exhibition Hall Opening Hours

■ 13th March : 1 pm – 6 pm
■ 14th March : 1 pm – 6 pm

Be sure to stop by the Bandai booth for information on our 2019 release plans and improved support for brick and mortar retailers! We look forward to meeting you in Reno.