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Exhibition EventNational Championship 2018

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game National Championship 2018 has been announced!
Who will reign supreme as 2018’s strongest player?

The blazing tournament action begins with Regionals this summer, with everything wrapping up at the Finals in the winter!
Participate in preliminary tournaments to win tickets to the finals, and you could be the next Dragon Ball Super Card Game Champion!

①Lead-up to National Championship 2018
Aug 1st, 2018
Register on BCC for Players to get a BCC for Players ID!
Aug 3rd – Oct, 2018
Regionals held across the US, starting at Gen Con 2018! *Regionals will be held at convention centers and stores. *Entry prizes, methods for earning a Finals seat, tournament rules etc. vary by location. *Regionals are planned to be held 2-10 times a month.
Nov 17th – 18th, 2018
The Finals will be held in Ohio at the Greater Columbus Convention Center to determine the strongest player in North America! National Championship 2018
②National Championship 2018 Regionals Locations
National Championship 2018 Locations Map
National Championship 2018 Locations Map

*Stay up for additional locations!

③Requirements to Enter the National Championship 2018 (Finals)
[Step 1]
Register with Budokai Card Club for Players

*You’ll need a BCC for Players ID to enter the National Championship 2018.
Follow the link below to register if you don’t currently have an ID.
(*You can enter Regional tournaments without an ID, but they’re required to enter the National Championship.)

Budokai Card Club for Users is Here!

[Step 2]
Win a National Championship Regional tournament to earn a Finals entry certificate!
  • *All Regional tournaments offer the chance to win a Finals entry certificate.
  • *The number of top-ranking players who will receive Finals entry certificates varies by tournament, so be sure to confirm ahead of time with the store running the tournament or the event organizer.
  • *Earning multiple Finals placement certificates will only allow you to enter the Finals once (you can’t share them with other players).

Additionally, please keep in mind that players won’t earn prizes based on the number of Finals placement certificates they have.

Details coming mid-June, 2018!

④National Championship Regionals 2018 Prizes
【Participation Prize】
  • ・Championship Pack 2018 : 3 packs
  • ・Event Pack : 3 packs
  • ・Tournament pack vol.4 : 1 pack
  • ・Top Loader : 1 set
  • ・Exclusive play mat :1 set
【TOP Placers Prize】
  • ・Championship Pack 2018 : 2 packs
  • ・Event Pack : 2 packs
  • ・Tournament pack vol.4 : 2 packs
  • ・Top Placers play mat : 1set
  • ・Trophy
  • ・Championship Pack 2018 : 10 packs
  • ・Event Pack : 10 packs
  • ・Trophy
  • ・Championship Pack 2018 : 15 packs
  • ・Event Pack : 15 packs
  • ・Trophy
  • ・Championship Pack 2018 : 25 packs
  • ・Event Pack : 25 packs

Championship Pack 2018

Event Pack 2018

Tournament Pack vol.4

For Top Placers







  • *Event details and schedule may be changed without prior notice.
  • *Further information will be available on the official web site.
  • *Applications for DBS Judges and Level 2 Judges to help support Regional tournaments are currently being accepted.
    Please check the Judge Information page for further details.