Bring the Dragon Ball Super Card Game to your store!

For New Retailers

Want to start carrying the Dragon Ball Super Card Game? We've prepared this handy guide to help you with everything from product orders to organized play!

1) Choose products to carry

Here are a few of the key offerings in the DBSCG product lineup.

Booster Pack
Booster Pack
DBSCG's core products, released once every three months. Players and beginners alike need cards from these in order to build decks. If you want to start carrying DBSCG product, booster packs are where you'll want to start!
Starter Deck Set
Starter Deck Set
These are pre-assembled decks. They‘re great for beginners, and also include five exclusive cards you can’t get anywhere else!
Expert Deck Set
Expert Deck Set
Products designed to satisfy advanced players! These pre-constructed decks include 10 exclusive cards, along with a booster pack as the cherry on top.
Pre-release kits
Pre-release kits
You can hold special pre-release tournaments one week before the release of each new set! Order a pre-release kit along with some new product to really get your players fired up!
2) Register on the organized play support site

Register on Budokai Card Club (Carddass Club), the official tournament support system for DBSCG.

Carddass Club For Retailers

For New Retailers

3) Apply to run tournaments

Once you become a Budokai Card Club member, you can apply to run tournaments.

Select a date to run your tournament on.

You can also use the TCG Meister tournament management software!

Exclusive deals you won't want to miss!!

Only BCC member stores can order pre-release kits and series tournament kits, so don't wait to apply!

BCC member stores get tons of other benefits, too!

*Check submitted tournaments and scheduling via BCC.

4) Run tournaments

Run your tournaments using TCG Meister!
Become a tournament hotspot, and Bandai will offer you the opportunity to run even bigger and better events!

For details, clikc here!