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Exhibition EventDragon Ball Super Card Game CHAMPIONSHIP 2019

Dragon Ball Super Card Game CHAMPIONSHIP 2019

The 2019 Europe Championships Have Arrived!

We will be holding Championships in every region!
Preliminaries start this June, with finals in October.
* Times may vary by region.

June - September
Store Preliminaries
*Held at stores across Europe!
*Held in the UK.

* Finals will be held as an Open Championship that anyone can participate in. However, players who get through the preliminaries and win invites will get some sort of bonus during the Finals, so make sure to participate!

Store Preliminaries

BCC Stores can register to hold Preliminary tournaments. The top ⅛ players at each tournament will receive Finals Invites. Players need the following to participate:

  • ・A BCC ID
  • ・The BCC App
  • *A BCC ID is required to participate in store tournaments.
  • *The BCC App is required to participate in Finals, as Finals Invites are displayed in the app and need to be presented when entering the venue.
  • *For players who have issues getting the BCC App, Finals Invites will also show up on the BCC for Players site as well. Players should present BCC for Players site on their phones instead.
  • *Unfair acquisition and trading of Finals Invites is strictly prohibited. Any player engaging in these activities (whether giving or receiving) will lose their Finals Invite.

Please get BCC ID!!


Participation Prize:
  • - Championship Pack 2019×1
  • - Merit Card Pack×1
  • - Event Pack 03×1
Top 1/8:
  • - Championship Pack 2019×1
  • - Merit Card Pack×1
  • - Finals Invite×1
First Place:
  • - Championship Pack 2019×2
  • - Merit Card pack ×1
  • - Finals Invite×1

Championship Pack 2019

*Each pack includes one of five random cards!

Event Pack 03

*Each pack includes one of ten random cards!

Merit Card Pack

*Each pack includes one of 12 random cards!

  • - We recommend Swiss Draw best of 3 for tournaments, but stores may play different formats.
    Players should confirm the rules with their store ahead of time.
  • - Players who finish in the top 1/8 receive Finals Invites.

- If player(s) with Finals Invites finish in the top 1/8, they still get their prizes, but the invite goes to the player who finished below them.
(Example: In an 8-player tournament, if the first place player already has an invite, the second place player gets it instead. All other first place prizes go to the first place winner.)

Notes for Stores

In order to hold this tournament, you must use the TCG Meister tournament management software. This is part of the agreement during the application process, so make sure to use TCG Meister.

Any tournaments run without using TCG Meister will not be recognized as official and will receive no further support from Bandai.

*No exceptions will be made, even if a store is unable to get TCG Meister to work, has PC issues, etc. Please be aware of this before signing up.

Please submit tournament results via TCG Meister as soon as the tournament has concluded.
Please be aware that the standings are considered final at this point and cannot be changed, so make sure to check with your players to ensure the standings are accurate before submitting.

Large-Scale Preliminaries

Large-Scale Preliminaries will take place at venues across Europe (English-speaking countries). There will be several of them in August and September. (*The schedule/number of events is subject to change.)

We will be releasing more details about Large-Scale Preliminary tournaments in the coming days.


Finals will be taking place at a single venue in Europe, sometime in October 2019.
More information coming soon.

Participation Prize:
  • - Championship Pack 2019 Limited ver. (5 card set) *Finals ver.

Championship Pack 2019 Limited ver.*Finals ver.

*There will be plenty of other prizes, both for participants and top players!
There will be plenty of other prizes for participants and top players alike

Top Cut Prizes:
Giant Cards
Metal Cards
Top 3:
Special cards with original illustrations and names.
* These cards will have the effects of past cards, but with unique images and card names.
Top 1:
Player Photo Card
* Card will be delivered on a later date.
Dragon Ball Super Card Game CHAMPIONSHIP 2019

Championships will be taking place all over the world!
Keep your eyes peeled for more information!